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Child Care

October 10, 2023

Managing Child Care During School Holidays and Breaks: 10 Tips for Parents

By Bumo

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Did you know that the average number of school days for children is 179 out of 365 days in a year? (source: wisevoter). Meanwhile the average American worker usually only gets 15 to 20 paid time off days out of 260 workable days from their employers (source: CNBC). That leaves a lot of days for which American parents are accountable for both work and childcare. Even if the parent got 20 days of PTO, that would mean they had 240 days of work which is 61 more days than their children have school. 

School holidays and breaks can be both great and tricky for parents. While it’s lovely to spend more time with your kids, it can also be hard to figure out how to manage work and keep your children happy during these times. In this blog post, we’ll share 10 tips and ideas for how to handle child care during school holidays and breaks.

10 Tips to Manage Child Care During School Holidays and Breaks

A woman is sitting with two children during school holidays at a table with a laptop.

Plan Ahead

To make school breaks go smoothly, it’s important to plan in advance. As soon as you know when your child’s school holidays are, start getting organized. This might mean taking time off from work, coordinating schedules with your partner, or finding someone to look after your child.

Make a Schedule

Having a daily plan can help make school breaks less chaotic. It doesn’t have to be as strict as a school schedule, but having a rough agenda for each day can make things easier. Include time for play, outings, learning activities, quiet time, and rest.

Check Out Camps and Programs

Many communities offer special camps, classes, or programs during school holidays. These can keep your child busy and happy while you handle your responsibilities. Look into what’s available in your area.

Get Help from Family and Friends

Don’t hesitate to ask your family or close friends for help during school breaks. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, or good friends might be willing to pitch in. It’s a chance for your child to spend time with loved ones while you deal with your work

Look Into On-Demand Child Care

If camps, programs, or family or friends are not available, on-demand child care is another option for parents needing flexible care. Companies, like Bumo, allow parents to book vetted, on-demand care for their children.

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Adjust Your Work

If your job allows, think about working from home or leveraging flexible hours during school breaks. This way, you can be there for your child while still getting your work done. Talk to your boss or supervisor about your plans in advance.

Fun Learning

Use school holidays as a chance to do fun and educational things. Explore local museums, libraries, and parks. Try out science experiments at home, make art, or cook together. These activities can keep your child’s mind active and interested.

Keep Screen Time Balanced

While some TV or video games can be okay, try not to let your child spend too much time in front of screens. Encourage them to play outside, read books, enjoy board games, or do creative activities.

Stay in Touch with School

Stay connected with your child’s school and teachers during breaks. They may have suggestions for learning resources or activities to keep your child learning.

Take Care of Yourself

Remember to take care of yourself too. School holidays can be fun but also tiring, so make sure to rest and relax when you can. A rested and happy parent can handle the challenges of taking care of their child during breaks much better.


School holidays and breaks are great time to bond with your child and make lasting memories. With some planning, creativity, and help from your community, you can balance work and child care during these times. Be flexible and adaptable, and find what works best for your family. This will lead to a more enjoyable and stress-free break for everyone

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