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May 1, 2024

2024 Summer Camp Guide

By Bumo

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Your 2024 Summer Camp Guide: A guide for parents to navigate this busy summer

What questions should you be asking as a parent?

1. Accreditation and Licensing

Is the camp accredited by any relevant organizations?

Are the camp’s staff members certified in CPR and First Aid?

What are the camp’s safety protocols and emergency procedures?

2. Staffing

    What is the staff-to-camper ratio?

    What is the minimum age and qualification of the staff?

    How are staff members screened and trained?

    3. Activities and Programming

    What types of activities are offered, and how are they structured?

    Are there options for both indoor and outdoor activities?

    How are activities tailored to different age groups and interests?

    4. Meals and Snacks

    How are meals and snacks provided?

    Are special dietary needs accommodated?

    5. Health and Safety

    How does the camp handle medical needs and emergencies?

    Is there a nurse or medical professional on-site?

    How does the camp ensure the safety of children during activities?

    6. Communication and Supervision

    How does supervision look like?

    What is the ratio of students to teachers?

    What issues prompt communication?

    What modes of communication are there?

    7. Financial and Administrative

    What is the cost of the camp, and what is included in the fees?

    What is the camp’s refund policy?

    Are there any additional costs for optional activities or supplies?

    Curated Camps for Children 2 years to 11 years

    and so many more!

    300+ programs in California

    📍Los Angeles, CA

    📍Pasadena, CA

    📍Culver City, CA

    📍Eagle Rock, CA

    📍Century City, CA

    📍Glendale, CA

    📍Redwood City, CA

    📍Oakland, CA

    📍Santa Monica, CA

    📍Cupertino, CA

    📍Belmont, CA

    📍San Francisco, CA

    📍Irvine, CA

    📍Colma, CA

    📍Daly City, CA

    📍Burbank, CA

    📍Chino Hills, CA

    📍Lake Forest, CA

    📍Hollywood, CA

    📍Murrieta, CA

    📍Altadena, CA

    📍San Jose, CA

    📍Milpitas, CA

    📍Torrance, CA

    and more cities!

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