Frequently Asked Questions

Providers & Education

Bumo places a great emphasis on selecting and onboarding providers. Through our BumoTrust process (read here), Bumo is committed to curating providers that align with our core values of safety and trust, curriculum and experience, compassion and care.  

Almost all Bumo providers are licensed locations. Licensed exempt locations must adhere to strict guidelines that allow a licensed exempt status. 

We understand that every family and child gravitate towards different types of educational experiences and philosophies. Therefore, our providers represent a wide range of learning styles and pedagogy from Montessori to STEM-based learning. 

Cancellations and Booking

Families must cancel at least 72 hours before the start of their session in order to receive CareCredit that can be applied to future sessions. Rescheduling a session within 72 hours is treated as a cancellation of the original session and will not be eligible for CareCredit.

You can book as little or as much as you need. Some parents can book a half day – some a full day. Some mornings, some evenings. You can book once one month and 10 days the following month.

Here is our standard list of what to bring but each of our providers have their own specific items that they request you to bring:

All children

  • Change of clothes, including socks
  • Water bottle 
  • Lunch and snack  -Please that all facilities are nut-free 
  • Comfort Item
  • Blankie (if napping)
  • Preferred sunblock, lotions, and ointments (e.g. diaper cream) – Please note that a Medication Form must be completed to give permission to administer creams and ointments

Children Under 2

  • Diapers and preferred wipes
  • Bottles with milk/formula – Please not we cannot pour milk, bottles must have milk
  • Sleepsack (optional)
  • Pacifiers (optional)
  • Bib 

Yes! Children tend to have matching items so labeling is so important. Here’s a list of things you would need to label:

  • Bib
  • Bottles and Sippy Cups
  • Lunchboxes 
  • Backpacks and Bags
  • Clothes (write names on the tag when possible)

Food and Nutrition

Every location is different so please look on each provider’s profile to see if they provide a snack. You can always bring your own. 

Typically meals cannot be reheated.

You can pack them however you like but please make sure formula is mixed and bottled and breast milk is bottled. Providrs cannot mix formula.

Absolutely no tree nuts. If your child has allergies, please note it on child’s profile and please err on the side of caution and always let the provider know at drop off. 


  • There is no contract or commitment.
  • You pay for what you need when you need it. 

Yes! You have to complete the family information form and licensing paperwork you must complete.


Actually booking fees vary by location. 


Standard immunization is required per licensing guidelines. However, COVID vaccination requirements vary by provider. Most providers do not require them.

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